OpenDoTT is a PhD programme  from Northumbria University and Mozilla to  explore how to build a more open, secure, and trustworthy Internet of Things.

The challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) require interdisciplinary thinking. OpenDoTT will train five Early Stage Researchers with backgrounds in design, technology, arts and activism to create and advocate for connected products that are more open, secure, and trustworthy.

Latest Update

Notes on working in the / Unlearning Open

The post will reflect on different aspects from open leadership training over tools and ways of working open, concrete action and impact on the own way of working, and how I relate my current research to the learning.

The Internet Health at Mozilla phase of the OpenDoTT project started with a training in Open Leadership [1]. I enjoyed the course getting to know a structure and strategy that helps to start open projects and support community engagement early on. The course is a good resource to get going and make projects actionable. But is it similarly suited for the kind of research I am in? Overall the Open Leadership Training material, our discussions, and the significant turn of open as a paradigm to justice has resulted for me in realising that un-learning open is the most interesting outcome.