OpenDoTT is a PhD programme  from Northumbria University and Mozilla to  explore how to build a more open, secure, and trustworthy Internet of Things.

The challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) require interdisciplinary thinking. OpenDoTT will train five Early Stage Researchers with backgrounds in design, technology, arts and activism to create and advocate for connected products that are more open, secure, and trustworthy.

Latest Update

ThingsCon’s Good Things Fest: Thriving as Early Career Researchers

Good Things Fest banner

Thanks to the pandemic, our originally scheduled OpenDoTT summer school was held in the northern hemisphere’s winter together with our consortium partner ThingsCon at their annual event for IoT practitioners, Good Things Fest.

The OpenDoTT fellows were reading and responding to the State of Responsible IoT Report and participating throughout the event, especially on the Tuesday Talent Day dedicated to students, researchers and educators.

Jon Rogers and Michelle Thorne hosted a collaborative session that anchored in the experiences of several researchers at different stages in their careers, some centered more in academia and some more in activism. From our shared reflections, we sought to write a survival guide for studying responsible technology and recommendations for how to make the most of your research career.

Thank you to our amazing panelists, Chenai Chair, Natasha Trotman and Fieke Jansen.

Here are some highlights from that conversation: