Month: February 2021

OpenDoTT at MozFest 2021: “Arrive with an idea, leave with a community”

Mozilla Festival 2021

OpenDoTT fellows and collaborators will bring their ideas and creativity to Mozilla’s annual festival, MozFest. At least 3,000 people are expected to attend the virtual festival with more than 500 sessions over two weeks from March 8-19, 2021. The schedule is organized and curated by volunteers, and anyone is welcome to register and even set their own ticket price.

“The OpenDoTT community was actually born as a result of MozFest,” says project leader Jon Rogers, explaining that it was where he first collaborated with Michelle Thorne. Together, Rogers and Thorne created the (former) Open IoT Studio and later initiated the OpenDoTT program, originally as a collaboration between the University of Dundee and Mozilla.

Connect with OpenDoTT at MozFest

The program, workshops and sessions will remain online until June 2021 where they can be browsed and enjoyed by anyone who registers. Join us at MozFest!