Are you interested in repairing and reusing broken things?
We are looking for adults based anywhere in the UK to take part in a research study.

You’ll spend some minutes of your day for two weeks creating and sharing a repair diary about an object that needs fixing – or that you have repaired in the past.

By the end, there will be an online meeting with the researcher and other participants to exchange findings, obstacles and impressions. You may additionally be invited to a personal interview.

If you want to contribute, please fill this form to sign up.

Repair Journey – Research Study

The research study will investigate ways in which materials that are broken, obsolete or otherwise inadequate can be repaired, adapted or transformed in urban contexts. In particular, the study expects to understand how the value of an object is perceived in different situations. It is part of a wider research project investigating alternatives for handling discarded materials in the city. You will be a central part of this exercise by sharing your experience on how materials can be transformed locally.

Those who choose to participate in the study will then be asked to start a repair diary of one object that is either broken, malfunctioning or inadequate. Each participant will be able to choose the object their diary will focus on. It can be an object they are interested in exploring currently or some notable experience they have had in the past. During those two weeks, participants will be asked to reflect upon the value of the object, in what ways it can be made usable and how easy it is to repair or repurpose it. Stories of failed attempts are as relevant as successful ones.

By the end of the two weeks of exploration, we will meet online for a closing workshop. During the workshop, participants will be asked to report how their journeys went, as well as to discuss what would need to be changed in the city to make the reuse of materials easier, more effective and more enjoyable. The main goal of the closing workshop is to understand what should be different in cities to allow society to reuse more of the materials they discard. Additionally, some participants may be invited to take part voluntarily in personal interviews.

If you live in the UK and are willing to be a participant, please fill this form.  Refer to the following documents to learn more:

Felipe Schmidt Fonseca is a Brazilian researcher at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design investigating repair and reuse and smart cities in the OpenDoTT project. His personal research blog can be accessed here.



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